Welcome to "Mastihahouse" !

The "Mastihahouse" is located at the centre of the medieval village of Pyrgi, where the decorations of which (called “xysta” by the locals) leave no one untouched.

The owner Kalliopi really cares for her guests and helps with everything she can.

The style of the rooms are amazing that offers all modern comfort!

The "Mastihahouse" is only 2 minutes from the square, supermarket, cafes, restaurants, bank and pharmacy.

Pirghi is the best place to stay when you want to explore the island.

In a distance of 3 to 5 km are the beaches of Mavra Volia , Komi , Kato Fana and villages Mesta and Olympi.

Chios Mastiha

«Chios Mastiha: A tear that pleases, perfumes, relieves, heals!» Chios Mastiha is the name of a resinous sap produced from the mastic tree (Pistacia Lentiscus var. Chia). more...


Chios Island,Pyrgi - Greece
Tel: +30.22710 - 72900
Mobile: +30.6944-604870
email: info@mastihahouse.gr

How to find us

You will find "Mastihahouse" just 25 km from Chios port, 20 km from airport and 15 km from port of Mesta.

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